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elastigirl_full_length3This  element looks at “the type” of manager that is leading the charge. There are legendary stories about leaders who no matter what changes take place, stick to the original plan. While sticking to the game plan is a good thing, if it means heading in the wrong direction for several years, it is a very very bad thing. It’s essential for managers to be be open and accepting of the many different challenges that they will likely face launching and growing a start up venture. What are some questions you ask to find out if the CEO is control freak? Or if they have good ears and are willing to use them? Are management teams that are open to shifts in their businesses and quick on their feet more likely to succeed? How important is flexibility?

Flexibility is, in my opinion, hands down the most important trait of successful entrepreneurs. I was involved with a startup not too long ago that is slowly dying because the CEO refuses to budge from the current business strategy.  I saw five employees (including myself) walk out on him simply because he’s been unwilling to adapt to new information with regards to the market and viability and of the product. In order to be successful, especially today, entrepreneurs must be able to make decisions quickly even if that means steering the ship in a new direction.


I was suprised when I read this article, entitled “25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneur,”that flexibility was not called out specifically.  It inspired me to write…

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I came across an article in the New York Times entitled “Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own,” which really brightened my day. Amidst all the economic turmoil it’s great to see the entrepreneurial spirit strengthen as a response. Innovation is the backbone of our economy. Without it, we simply won’t have the game-changing economic growth needed to end the global financial crisis. I’m lucky in that it’s my job to help startup founders with good ideas secure funding to help their dreams grow, but there is also a consensus among eager entrepreneurs that they are all deserving of new capital. Unfortunately, all startups are not created equal.


Even with nearly six million new businesses started every year, the process for creating American innovation remains remarkably inefficient. The time, effort, and capital wasted on genetically-flawed businesses represents the loss of tens of billions of hard investment dollars and millions of jobs, with only small fraction of companies actually surviving the gestation process.

With so much as stake, creating successful new ventures simply cannot be a congressional afterthought, or a hobby for the wealthy. To accelerate economic growth, the time is now to focus on creating sustainable new ventures faster and with more efficiency than ever before.

Are Jellyfish the answer, time will tell?

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