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From time to time my fiancee (that sounds weird…let’s go with girlfriend) signs us up to attend lectures at the LA Public Library. Some are hits, some are misses. The last lecture we attended was about the LA Taco Truck scene. Right in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately, the speakers put me in a bad food coma (minus the free tacos).

Last night however, she redeemed herself. The speaker was author Jonah Lehrer, who just penned the book How We Decide. While there are some parallels to Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, Lehrer goes a little deeper into the science (neuroscience to be exact) behind decision making. He talked about the occasions when the rational part of the brain is best in decision making; and then discussed examples of when we should leave reasoning behind and just let our intuition (emotions) guide our behavior. Can’t wait to dig into the book. It’s sure to contain many insightful nuggets for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

BTW – I thought about the most recent time where I decided to leave behind my “rational” thoughts in making a decision. Well, clearly it was when I decided to post this shitty, low-quality, ridiculously blurry camera phone photo onto the blog. My apologies Jonah (on the right)…



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