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A Venture 360 Report builds a communication bridge between investors and entrepreneurs. It’s pretty simple, by combining an analytical view of a business and a standardized report we enable more intelligent conversations.

To see how a Venture 360 Report can make you a more effective and efficient entrepreneur or investor, please go to www.venture360report.com.


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Innovate or DIETo survive and thrive in today’s economy, it takes a lot more than just clinging to yesterday’s strategies and hoping for the best. It’s quite simple really, the future will belong to those brands that can rethink and re-imagine their core strategies. But those that fail to embrace change and take intelligent risks, will likely become another sad statistic.

In Innovate or Die: 10 Ways To Build Your Brand…A Casket, the North team pays tribute to some recent unexpected traumas, epic disasters, and shocking casualties of the new economy.

But before you go reaching for the box of tissue, this presentation isn’t meant to be a downer. It’s to inspire new innovative ways for looking at your business.

Click here to receive a copy of the paper. Enjoy.

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