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entlogo-2009North was recently quoted dropping some knowledge in the article, 5 Lifelines For You Startup on Entrepreneur.com.

Here’s an excerpt:

Evan Solida was stuck.

Solida, founder of Cerevellum, which sells digital rearview mirrors for bicycles, had posted his business plan on several websites promising to connect him with investors in exchange for a few hundred dollars.

Time passed. Investors never came.

It’s a familiar dilemma for many startup companies: Solida knew he needed help but didn’t know where to find it.

“You almost feel like you’re at a used car dealership,” Solida says “You’ve got all these people who know you’re out there looking for something–in this case, money from investors–and they prey on that.”

Solida eventually found North Venture Partners, a consulting firm that helped him streamline his product offerings, set up an advisory board and take other steps to professionalize his business plan.

North is one of many resources available to startups seeking direction and funding.



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12 Ways To Blow Your Investor Pitch
While there’s no shortage of reading about “how to pitch for funding”, from what we can tell, a lot of what’s written isn’t soaking in too well. So we thought we’d try a more unconventional approach with our latest constructive prose. Hot of the presses is FAIL: 12 Ways To Blow Your Investor Pitch.

Our team shares our collective insights and experiences we’ve accumulated over the years to point out the noteworthy wipeouts, awkward moments, and empty handshakes of new venture pitching. By first revealing what doesn’t work, this quick read hopes to activate the other side of your brain (the one that isn’t always thinking about success). Be sure to take good notes (mental ones…).

Click here to receive a copy of the paper. Enjoy.

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